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Er Faisal Masood from USA speaks at foundation laying program of PA Sangma International Medical College & Hospital at USTM

Hone five skills of Communication, Creativity, Inclusivity, Collaboration & Environmental responsibility to serve the humanity: Faisal Masood to USTM students



9th Mile, Khanapara, Ri-Bhoi, October 6, 2022: In this digitised world, digital skills are extremely important for students to inculcate. Students must acquire five skills—first, how well you can communicate, interact and engage digitally; second, creativity and out of the box thinking; third, Global citizenship, Inclusivity, respect for each other’s beliefs, faith and culture; fourth, collaboration, i.e., how well one can work with others being a team player and fifth, environment responsibility, i.e., one has to be a steward of this earth, cognizant of the carbon footprint and be socially responsible. This was stated by renowned engineer and entrepreneur from USA Mr Faisal Masood as he was addressing an august gathering at USTM on the occasion of the foundation laying ceremony of PA Sangma International Medical College & Hospital on Monday, 3rd of October 2022.

Addressing a huge gathering of about 4000 students at the Central Auditorium of USTM, Mr Masood told how he came to know about Chancellor Mahbubul Hoque and USTM through the digital platform. He said that, throughout life his passion has been to create a social impact by supporting initiatives focused on education and improving livelihood. “Three years ago, I happened to come across an article on social media about Hon’ble Chancellor Mahbubul Hoque and his inspiring journey to establish USTM. He is an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University.  I knew that this was the person I needed to connect with”, he said.

Originally from the city of Gaya, Bihar, Mr Faisal Masood is an alumnus of AMU and University of Illinois, Chicago, US having spent more than 30 years at US working as an Electrical Engineer. He has worked in various industries, manufacturing in the automotive, entrepreneurship in the .com era, two decades in banking and consulting in corporate America and in parallel launching a social entrepreneurship program.

“I got Mr Hoque’s email from the bottom of the article about him and sent him a message congratulating him on his achievements. We have been communicating since then, not only being fellow Aligarians, but our desire and our common aspirations to do good for humanity. Chancellor Hoque was kind enough to share his personal journey, how he came to start this university, the challenges and hardships he faced, his future growth plans going forward and his admirable vision of establishing a hospital and medical college”, he said.

Mr Masood in his speech said that he wanted to help Chancellor Hoque in realising the dream of establishing a medical college at USTM. “Through my network of friends, I was able to reach out to Dr Wase and Rhonda. They are amazing professionals.  I have known them for couple of decades and the value and the expertise they will bring in executing this project”, he added.

“We need everyone’s help. All the Hon’ble dignitaries sitting here today and more importantly you the students. The success of this project depends on you. You are the brand of the University. The work is at your doorstep. In our digitised world, we are all connected. The proof is here in front of you today.  Three people from the US, from different backgrounds, are here at a university that they hadn’t heard of, where they have never been to. Seeing the spirit of this event and today’s gathering, I can sense USTM students are being trained to develop these five skills”, he stated.

Mr Faisal Masood also mentioned that this year supporters of USTM in the US have launched a Global Scholarship program in which they have awarded 40 scholarships to deserving students. “USTM is providing innumerable opportunities to uplift and empower students. We hope to see each one of you rise up to the challenge and look forward to all your successes”, he added.

Promising everyone present, Mr Masood said, “In closing, it is our honest commitment, we will work tirelessly and selflessly to make PA Sangma International Medical College and Hospital a reality”.

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